Charlotte International Equestrian Trade Show

February 18th - 20th 2017 Charlotte, NC

Address for Convention Center
Pre-printed shipping labels are available on this site under the "other booth services" button.
The address is: CHARLOTTE CONVENTION CENTER, 501 South College Street, Hall C, Charlotte, NC  28202  Phone: 704-339-6000.

No live animal, reptile, fish or bird will be allowed to enter or remain in the facility. The only exception is an accredited association
approved and properly and safely muzzled “Assist Animal.”

Booth Construction 
Exhibits shall be arranged so as not to obstruct the general view, nor obstruct the exhibits of others. Plans for specially-built displays not in accordance with regulations are to be submitted to Hopper Expositions, Inc. before construction is ordered.

Decorating/Show Color Scheme
Aisle Carpet - Solid Black
Aisle Signage - Gold & Black
Booth Drape Colors - Solid Black
Registration signage and kick plates - Black and Gold
Table Skirting - Solid Black

Standard Booths
For one or more booths in a straight line (in-line booths), the maximum height of back-walls, signs, fascias and lights will be 8 feet.

All Display Fixtures over 3 feet in height may be placed next to the side walls and may extend 7 feet from the back wall. However, the last 3 feet to the aisle may not exceed over 42 inches in height. Desks, chairs and other items of furniture, such as cases or tables, may be set at the front booth line, but cannot exceed the 42-inch height limit.

See-Through Panels may be used as an entire side wall, provided samples are sent to Hopper Expositions, Inc. in advance for approval. Exhibitors using canopies of false ceiling over their exhibit may use vertical supports up to inches in width in the corner of their booth. Vertical supports, which are strictly decorative, will not be permitted if they interfere with sign lines of other exhibitors.

Perimeter Booths:
One or more booths in a straight line located on the outer perimeter wall of the floor may extend the back wall to a maximum of 12 feet (including signs, displays and lights). All other regulations governing standard booths apply to perimeter booths.

End-Cap Booth:
(2 booths side-by-side with each both on the end of a row).
The back wall of the 2 booths may be 8 feet in height so long as it does not exceed 14 feet in length (last 3 feet on each side to aisle must not exceed 42 inches in height).

Booth Furnishings:
A contracted 10’ x 10’ booth shall include the following exhibit equipment: 8’ high drape back wall, 3’ high drape side walls, 7” x 44” sign indicating company name and booth number, 4’, 6’, or 8’ x 30” high skirted table, 2 folding chairs and one wastebasket.

Additional tables, carpet, electrical outlets, pegboards, grid wall, chairs and garment racks must be ordered separately on your exhibit space contract.

Exhibitor Booth Vacuuming
All Booths with carpeted areas will be vacuumed, at no cost to the exhibitor, on Friday night before the doors open for the Exhibitors at 8AM on Saturday morning.  If the exhibitor wants their booths vacuumed daily, please contact our decorator.

General Exposition Services, our decorator, will have a number of first come-first serve carts available at no charge for exhibitor use during move-in and Monday's tear-down. It is requested that after you finish moving your materials from or to your vehicle that you return the cart immediately to the dock area so another exhibitor can start moving in or out.

Children will be admitted to the market during show hours providing they are supervised and under parent and/or guardian control during their visit. Do not let children “run wild” or be on the “loose” while they are at the market or market functions. However, our liability insurance coverage dictates that children ARE NOT allowed during the days and hours of exhibitor move-in, set-up, and move-out. It is also requested that children NOT be brought to the seminar presentations.


Exhibit Space Contract Deadline:   OCTOBER 7, 2016
Advertising Contract Dealine:   OCTOBER 7, 2016
Ad Copy Deadline:   OCTOBER 14, 2016
2000-piece Store/Retailer Mailing Deadline:   NOVEMBER 11, 2016
Booth Furnishings Advance Rate Deadline:   DECEMBER 30, 2016
Hotel Reservations "Block Rate" Deadline:   CALL INDIVIDUAL HOTELS


All Exhibit Contracts are expected with payment in full by the official contract deadline that is published on the Exhibit Space contract. Contracts received without payment in full will not be processed until full payment is received. Accepted forms of payment for U.S. based exhibitors will be VISA, Master Card, American Express, business or personal check, cashiers check, certified check or money orders drawn on a U.S. bank, wire transfers, paypal.  Foreign business or personal checks, cashiers checks, certified checks or money orders will not be accepted.  Visa, Mastercard, American Express, company check drawn on a US Bank or bank wire transfer are the only valid forms of payment for foreign (non-US) based exhibitors. Postmarks will not be considered for receipt. Checks returned for any reason of non-payment will incur a $100.00 return check charge in addition to the bank charge. Certified funds will then be required to process the Exhibitor Contract a second time. Please note: A 3.5% administration fee will be added to each credit card charge.

“INDUSTRY GUEST” badges for the Market will only be issued on a case-by-case basis. They are $50.00 each. The badges will be issued, paid for and picked up at the Buyer Registration Desk at the show site.

The docks will be open Thursday (FEBRUARY 16) and Friday (FEBRUARY 17) from 8AM until 6PM for Exhibitor load-in . When the Market ends, the docks will be open Monday (FEBRUARY 20) at 4PM until Midnight. Every Exhibitor must be out of the building by midnight.


The “Market Directory Information” page MUST be filled out completely and returned with your Exhibit Space Contract. Be sure to list all of your Company names and their respective category numbers so they can be included in the “Product Categories” listings in the Market Directory. There is no charge for your Company listings in this section regardless of the number.

Join in on the excitement! The New Products Gallery is the best and easiest way to showcase your company’s newest trends and styles. Feel the excitement as the Buyers walk through these displays and can’t wait to come by and see you. It’s like money in the bank.

Bring your items with you on Friday (FEBRUARY 17) and you will be able to display the item(s) on designated tables in the registration area. We will provide a sign with your company name and booth number at the registration booth. These tables will be on a first come – first serve basis. Don’t be left out, hurry and get your application in today!

If displaying small items such as books, stationery, figurines and belts, 6 of these items are considered one. Any large article such as saddles, boots, hats or tack trunks will be considered one item. Apparel will be limited to two items or 2 half-body mannequin per entry.



          Move-in and Set-up    Thursday  February 16, 2017         8AM-6PM
                                                   Friday  February 17, 2017               8AM-6PM

          Move-out                       Monday February 20, 2017           4PM - Midnight

            The pre-market mailings will be mailed approximately six weeks before the Market begins. 
            The mass-mailing will include your selected promotional piece along with Buyer badges, 
            hotel information, directions, market announcements, a schedule of events and other general 
            information pertaining to the Market. 
            The deadline for your promotional piece to arrive is Friday,  November 11, 2016

                        Send Flyers to:                                   Contact Information:
                        2000 Piece Mailer                                   Toll Free:  1-800-945-1208
                        c/o Hopper Expositions, Inc.                   Phone:  513-422-2468  
                                                                                            Fax:  513-422-3477
                       16 Alameda Circle                                   email:
                       Middletown, OH   45044                        email:
                  (Mark Box:  "CHARLOTTE - FEB 2017")


Wheel chairs are available.  For Electric Carts:  You need to reserve your cart in writing to

Should the exhibitor be unable to occupy and use the exhibit space contracted for, exhibitor shall promptly notify the Middletown, Ohio office of Hopper Expositions, Inc. in writing. No refunds will be given for any cancellation after November 21, 2016.   Any cancellation before November 21, 2016, will incur a 50% non-refundable charge on booth space only – trade market fee, advertising costs, new products gallery and furnishings are non-refundable.