Charlotte International Equestrian Trade Show

February 18th - 20th 2017 Charlotte, NC





AMERICAN SADDLERY/ BIG HORN (Jack Hughes) will be doing a Saddle Making demonstration (start to finish) throughout the Charlotte International Equestrian Trade Show, February 18th-20th, 2017 at the Charlotte Convention Center, 501 South College Street, Charlotte, NC  28202.

They will start manufacturing a western saddle on Saturday,
February 18th, 2017 and finish it up on Monday February 20th.  

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Kathryn Brown
Kathryn is a productivity coach and systems strategist.  
She helps small business owners leverage their time and expertise, and streamline and
scale with systems so they can work less and live more.

Before creating her own business in 2014, she provided management-level training and served on the leadership team responsible for ISO certification for a tech company. She was school improvement co-chair for compliance and certification as a professional development and technology coordinator for a local school.

Today, Kathryn offers workflow and systems design, goal setting and achievement strategies, and work life balance integration to the small business owner.

8 AM   Saturday February 18th, 2017 
Level 3 Meeting Rooms 211-212

The Charlotte International Equestrian Trade Show,
Charlotte Convention Center,
501 S. College Street, Charlotte, NC  28202

How to Plan When You're Not a Planner? You Start with YOUR DREAMS! 

You've heard everyone talking about their 2017 goals, but you feel resistant about setting your own.  

For some reason, the actual writing of your goals makes you second guess yourself.  

Are my goals too ambitious?
Are they not big enough?  
Do they represent what I really want?   
What if I change my mind? 

The decisions that need to be made can make your head spin!

But . . . an aligned goal-setting process doesn't feel this way.
It can feel scary (in a good way), but more than anything, it feels exciting!

Join me as I walk you through a simple 5 step goal-setting process that will
put you on the fast track to taking aligned action every day so that you can start making progress right away!



Debi Metcalfe, Stolen Horse International

Debi Metcalfe has become one of the most recognized names in the horse industry, and for a good reason. Her accomplishments and the extensiveness of her influence are impressive. Because there was no help for her when her horse Idaho was stolen in 1997, Metcalfe started Stolen Horse International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to aiding individuals and their families who have missing horses and equipment 13 years ago. The organization has grown and is now the lost and found for all things missing in the horse industry. Her presentations appeal to horse owners everywhere who want to learn how a horse can disappear, (theft, disasters, civil matters, runaways) and how to protect, prevent and recover them when the worst happens. Drawing from her 16 years of experience of working with actual victims, she has a fresh, authentic voice that will inspire you while providing an education you never anticipated. Her message is powerful, unlike any other and inspirational. She has appeared on television and various radio programs, in newspaper and magazine articles, and addressed civic groups. She is author to the book, “Horse Theft, Been There—Done That”, which has sold out of the first printing. Through the efforts of Metcalfe and the NetPosse volunteer network, not only have many horses and their owners have been reunited, but many more missing horse situations have been prevented.

7:30AM Sunday, February 19th, 2017
Level 3 Meeting Rooms 211-212

The Charlotte International Equestrian Trade Show
Charlotte Convention Center
501 South College Street, Charlotte, NC  28202


Most people never think about having to prove ownership of any property-it is theirs, right? But if it is lost, missing, or, worse yet, stolen, and you have to prove to law enforcement or a court that it is, in fact, yours-how do you go about doing that? Just pointing your finger and saying 'that's mine, give it back' won't work-especially when the other party is there with what appears to be a bill of sale that says it is his. Learn what you need to do, steps to take, and what records to keep to protect yourself. 

Randi Thompson
Randi has been a professional in the horse business for over three decades.  During this time she has discovered the “Secrets to Marketing” has been created the Horse and Rider Awareness Educational Programs which included the award winning Facebook page, How to Market Your Horse Business and Horse and Rider Awareness.  
How to Market Your Horse Business won the prestigious 2013 Social Media Examiner’s Facebook Business Page and many other awards.

Randi certifies and coaches riding instructors in horse and rider training techniques, business and marketing.  Her new programs include the Dressage Instructors and Jumping Instructors.

8:15 AM Sunday, February 19th, 2017
Level 3 Meeting Rooms 211-212

The Charlotte International Equestrian Trade Show
Charlotte Convention Center
501 South College Street, Charlotte, NC  28202

How to Market Your Retail Business Online!
Did you know that 80% of your customers are looking online for
what you have to offer?  Will they find you?

Why Being Visible Online Is So Important to Your Retail Business
How to be Found Online
The Magic of Facebook and Social Media
Join Randi as she shows you the steps to success that will make a difference in how
you are marketing your online business.