Kent Hopper entered the equine wholesale industry directly out of college in June, 1968.   

Joining the Tem-Tex Corporation, a Denver based western clothing company, Hopper became the company's  National Sales Manager in 1969.

In January 1970, Hopper joined the Tony Lama Company and began a 19 year career   
representing the company in Colorado.

In 1980, Hopper became the first two-term President of the Rocky Mountain Mens & Boys 
Apparel Club, now known as W.E.S.A., the Western & English Sales Association 
based in Denver, Co. 

In 1990 and 1991, Hopper represented the Larry Mahan Boot Company and the Rios of 
boot companies in various parts of the Rocky Mountains and on the West Coast.

Stan Stein, the person who hired Hopper into the industry in 1968, and Hopper again joined
forces in 1992 forming El Paso, TX based Stanley Expositions, Inc.  Entering the industry's
wholesale trade show sector, Stanley Expositions, Inc. grew into one of the two largest
Western & English "market" presenters in the U.S. 

Stein passed away in May, 2000 and Hopper assumed the role of President/CEO of Stanley
Expositions, Inc. 
Hopper left the company in December of 2005 after guiding the company
in building two annual events in Tradeshow Week's Top-100 trade shows in North America

Hopper Expositions, Inc. was formed in 2006.  Wholesale trade shows, or markets, have been held in Indianapolis, Baltimore and Orlando.  After a 9-year association with the American Equestrian Trade Association in the King of Prussia, PA area, Hopper has just formed the Charlotte International Equestrian Market.  The inaugural market will be held in Charlotte, NC on February 18-19-20, 2017.  A second bi-annual event will be held in August, 2017.  Future trade shows will be held annually the last weekend in
January and the second weekend in August.



Ginger Estepp has worked in the Equestrian Industry from 1992 until present. 

Office and Product Manager of Jared Lee Studio, Inc..from 1992 to 2007.

Jared Lee Studio had a hilarious line of gift and clothing products geared toward the Equestrian Industry. 

Ginger was responsible for every aspect of this business including product management, exhibiting at all trade shows, managing the sales force and personally calling on all house accounts, production, employees, warehouse and office.

In 2007 Ginger started working for Hopper Expositions, Inc. as an Event Coordinator.
Again, doing whatever is needed with Exhibitors and Buyers to produce and manage trade shows for the Equestrian Industry having been an exhibitor and selling to the attendees for over 15 years.





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Hopper Expositions will do whatever it takes
to produce and manage successful Equestrian Trade Shows.

Hopper Expositions, Inc.
Middletown, Ohio  45044

Kent Hopper email: kent@hopperexpos.com